27 July, 2014

Come to our next Quiz Night ..... 'Find The Lady' and win a lovely prize pot !

21 July, 2014



He is a handsome boy and is a smaller dog than he looks in the photo and will not get any bigger. He was found in Emba on Thursday evening. A friendly little dog about 18 months old, that loves to have a fuss made of him and gets on well with other dogs. If you can offer to foster him or can offer him a permanent home please contact Catherine on 96436232

Actual measurements are 42 cms (16.5 inches) to his shoulder and only 41cms (16 inches) from chest to base of tail

19 July, 2014

Can You Resist This Little One?

Lovely little female kitten about 9-10 weeks old.   Frontlined, wormed and has had her first vaccination.

She has lovely markings, mainly tabby but it clearly shows that there was a bit of ginger in the mix somewhere down the line.

Anyone wanting to see her with a view to adopting please contact me (Sue) on 99130393 between 8:00am and 6:00pm please.

16 July, 2014


PARC is very grateful to all of the businesses below for their ongoing support of our work through our van sponsorship scheme.

As we drive around the area carrying out our work the businesses have their names and details displayed on the sides of our van which serves as an additional advertisement for them and also shows their valuable support of us as their local animal charity.

Please help us to thank these businesses for their support by choosing them the next time you are looking for a service that they offer

If you are a business owner or a person who offers a service to the public and would like to join our scheme please contact us.

For a small monthly payment of only €10 you can also have your own business sticker displayed on the van and have your business mentioned on our website.

15 July, 2014

Labrador mix found in Peyia - near the Animal Park

This dog was found yesterday on the road up to the zoo. She is very friendly and has a collar on so someone may have lost her. She has been checked but there is no microchip. The vet thinks she is about 8 months old. A yellow Labrador/hun...ting dog mix, possibly with a bit of Great Dane. (She has a yellow lab body, hunting dog ears and Great Dane face and legs) she is yellow all over with the usual lab white marks on the shoulders. She has a red collar (with no name) which is a bit frayed at the end.

If anyone know who she belongs to please call Trudy on 97674581

12 July, 2014

Thanks to Star Bowling Club

A little belated thank you to all the lovely members of the Star Bowling Club who generously donated the money to pay for some lovely new cat traps for our Trap Neuter and Release Programme.

The silver trap is a Multi-trap and on the first time out it allowed us to catch 3 cats at the same time!   It is a marvelous trap, and even though there has to be 2 of us to use it because of the size it means that we have a better chance of catching the cat or cats we need, especially when  they are part of a group of cats.  We simply wait until a number of them are inside, close the trap door and can then release any cats we do not want.  We love it!

The second trap has a different method of opening.  The trap door opens outwards rather than inwards which means there is more room inside the trap so we have a better chance of catching the larger males who sometimes have their back ends still outside our other traps and therefore cannot be caught.


08 July, 2014

07 July, 2014



Dog missing in Tala .....     She is called Della but probably won't come if called as a bit timid with strange people. If you see her please contact Gail on 99470211

03 July, 2014

Mum & Daughter Looking For A Home

This lovely female tabby cat and her litter of 1 day old kittens was rescued from the St George hotel by Pam and holiday-makers Kevin & Helen.   She was housed in the Pens so that she could raise her babies in safety and now the kittens are 10 weeks old and three have already been homed leaving Mum and her very beautiful tri-colour daughter still waiting for that loving home.

Mum is a gentle and very friendly lady of around a year old and the kitten is just 10 weeks old.  Mum has now been spayed and both of them are fully vaccinated.  We are hoping to home them together as they are obviously very attached to each other.

If you are interested in offering a home to these lovely little girls please contact Pam on 99059068

27 June, 2014

Little puppy thrown into paper crusher at a Protaras Hotel

Most people will have read or heard about this incident at a Tsokkos Hotel in Protaras ...


'Little Billly' a SMALL DEFENCELESS PUPPY! was deliberately caught and thrown into a commercial cardboard crushing machine on the orders of the manager of a large hotel in Protaras, Cyprus.  The agonised, piercing screams of this helpless little soul were heard by horrified tourists, CAN YOU IMAGINE HIS AGONY AND UTTER TERROR!!! as the heavy mechanisms crushed his little neglected body!!!  He is clearly a stray and had been wandering around the hotel for some days (at least)    Instead of calling animal welfare or even the dog pound or alerting the municipality as a RESPONSIBLE person would do,  this manager had his staff chase the terrified animal for days, finally catching him and lifting him into the crusher.
A holiday-maker saw the incident and rescued him and got him to a vet.
Animal Party Cyprus (APC) are fighting to get justice for this puppy and to make the people concerned pay for their barbarity 

26 June, 2014

A Busy Time for Rehoming

We have had so many requests recently from people who need help to try and find homes for pets that they can no longer keep or for animals that they have found.   The shelters are all full to bursting and so many people have such a lot of animals of their own already that it is becoming harder and harder every day.

Can everyone please help to find homes for some of these animals by talking to everyone you know and sharing these photo's ...

A lady called Alex on 99750793 is trying to find homes for these 5 lovely Staffie cross puppies. There are 3 females and 2 males and they are all 5 months old.  They have al had their first vaccination.  Please call Alex 99750793 for more information or to offer any of these lovely puppies a home.

These 3 dogs are now at the PAWS shelter so if you would like to see them or offer them a home please contwact PAWS on 99683775 - mornings only.

Tommy he is 5 years old, cross bred, enjoys walks and running with other dogs. He is mild mannered and can get excited when owner comes home tends to jump up to greet you. Travels in car ok.

Marley he is 3 years old, cross bred, enjoys playing with tennis balls and ropes, likes to go for walks. Likes cuddles when he wants. Likes being with other dogs.Travels well in cars. 

Lulu is 4 years old and been spayed. Small Terrier cross, brindle colour. She is full of character, loves cuddles, enjoys playing chase with other dogs and is quite fast. Likes to go for walks, if let off the lead will not go far from you. Travels well in cars.

This little ginger kitten was found on the streets of Nicosia very sick by Katia who feared that she may be blind as her eyes were so crusted and closed.  She has been treated by the vet and after a few days TLC is already well on the road to a full recovery as you see in the 3rd photo. Happily it was only an eye infection which is now almost completely cured and within a few days she will be ready to leave the vet and go to a new home.

Katia already has a house full of rescued dogs and cats so this is one too many for her,  If you can offer this little one the chance of a loving home please call Katia on 99647395

23 June, 2014



Our fantastic Summer Prize Draw was drawn at the Party Night on Saturday and the lucky winners were:

Helicopter Ride   - Suzanne Rolt      
Overnight Stay at the Annabelle for 2 - Stefan
The Learning Centre Course - Sarah Colman    
Quad Safari     -  Ray Kingshott
Pet Portrait + Hand Painted Stone - Eleanor & Peter Fisher
Round of Golf at Minthis Hills - Donna Ralph    
Multi Cooker    -   Jill D
Case of the World's Wine  -   Alan Stephens     
Gents Suit Case + clock + beer pack   -  Gary Matthews
Voucher for a meal at The Grande in Peyia   -  Lord Mulbury
Greek Night at Coral Star for 2 people   -   Tracey  
Fish Meze at Limani Restaurant - Nikolas & Annie
Pamper Me Hamper - Andrea Etherington
Revive Me Hamper - Ann & Frank
Relax Me Hamper  -Noreen Wright
Hands & Feet vouchers -  Lee Cooper
Supper Time Hamper   -  Carswell
Spirits Hamper  -  Ron Green

The Nights' Door Prize went to Don Hughes

Thank you again to everyone who took part by buying tickets 

19 June, 2014

Well what a fantastic night it was at this event ! ..

Great food, great music and loads of fabulous people dancing the night away and generally having a great time raising loads of lovely money to help the animals !!

BIG thank you's go to Everyone who came along, Coral Star for the fab buffet, Jason for a cracking Disco, Kim the talented young lady who sang for us, and the hard-working Parc team who made it all possible.

The Prize Draw exceeded all our expectations and we are very very grateful to all of the businesses and people who donated the fantastic prizes - there will be a list of winners posted here later once everyone has been notified of their wins

The entire event raised €1,830 which was then generously 'topped-up' to €1,900 by Don Hughes and then we were given an additional Surprise Donation of €100 by a hotel guest who wanted to remain anonymous !!   SO A FINAL SUM OF €2,000 .....  we are so grateful and so happy for the animals we will be able to help.