14 January, 2015

Mr Potter Has Left The Clinic ! .....

I was so pleased yesterday to go and collect our dear Mr Potter from the vet clinic so that he can now enjoy a bit more space to continue his recovery.
His skin graft is healing nicely and it was felt that since he no longer needed regular dressing changes we should move him into a larger space in the Parc Pens so that he has room to move about and start to get used to using the leg properly again

He was a bit unsure at first but I am sure that once he realises that he is not going to be continually subjected to further treatment he will settle and begin to enjoy his surroundings more.   Once the leg has grown a good covering of fur and also once this awful weather has passed we intend to return him to his home at the Coral Beach Hotel.

When I left him yesterday he was sat looking out of the window at the plants and trees - a sight he has not seen since the beginning of December!    Sue

11 January, 2015

Quiz Night this coming Tuesday .......

05 January, 2015

URGENT - CHANGE OF DATE .............

Because tomorrow is a bank holiday here in Cyprus the monthly Quiz Night will be held NEXT WEEK on 13th January

Please inform anyone you think might not be on the Internet but who may have been thinking of coming .... Thank You

21 December, 2014

15 December, 2014

Van Sponsors

 Just to remind everyone about the kind local businesses who help PARC by sponsoring our van every month and by doing so they make it that bit easier for us to afford the little regular bills that we face in order to keep the vehicle on the road.

These stickers are displayed on the sides of the PARC van and are therefore visible to everyone in the area as we travel around in aid of the animals.

The monthly sponsorship fee is only €10 so if there are any other businesses who would like to participate in the scheme and show people how you are helping your local animal charity please contact us either by email to parc.peyia1@yahoo.com or by text or phone call to 99961157 or 99059068

08 December, 2014

The Glasgow Santa Dash

PARC supporter Annemarie who lives in Glasgow has sent us these wonderful pictures of the Santa Dash charity fun run that was held on Sunday 7th December in the rain, wind and sleet.  All of the entrants were doing the run on behalf of a variety of charities and Annemarie and her family chose to do it for us.

Annemarie with her sisters and 3 nephews ran in this event and have raised an amazing £300 for PARC.   

We can't thank you all enough and we will no doubt put some of the money towards the Christmas Day fresh chicken treats that all of our feral cat groups will receive as part of Pam's Christmas Day tradition.

04 December, 2014

Positive thoughts needed ..................

I need everyone to send positive thoughts for our dear Mr Potter a beautiful grey tabby tom cat who lives at the Coral Beach Hotel.
He has been missing for about a week and today when I went to do the cat feed he was back but had an awful injury to his back leg. It looks like he may have been caught in a snare and it has taken all the skin off his leg and he has lost a toe. He has also lost around 2 kilos in weight so was probably trapped for a long time.
Our vets are going to try doing a skin graft but it may be at least 2 weeks before we know if it will take properly and we are worried that he will be very stressed being caged for so long.
The other option, to amputate is not good for a feral cat, which is what he is, as they still need to hunt and be able to defend themselves so we need everyone to keep him in their thoughts and prayers. Thank you - Sue
Mr Potter is very much like this cat

03 December, 2014

DIARY DATE ........

24 November, 2014

New Website ..... Coming soon

Please watch this space as we are currently in the process of creating a brand new website ....

This site has served us well for a number of years but it is now very difficult to update and stories get lost off the main page too quickly if we post a lot of things.   This is why we have not been as diligent in posting new things.

This will hopefully change when our new site goes live ...................      Fingers crossed that it will not be too much longer to wait.

14 November, 2014

Abandoned and Abused

 This year has been the worst year I have experienced for abandoned and abused puppies, dogs, kittens and cats since being a part of PARC (Peyia Animal Rescue Club) for the last 8 years.
Over the last few months I have experienced the following:
My neighbour came to the front of the drive gates one Sunday morning, holding a mop bucket, in it were three tiny, dirty, sticky eyed, flea and worm ridden hungry kittens, approximately 4 weeks old. She had seen the bucket in front of the PARC van which was parked across the road on a car park at 6am when she was taking her dogs for a walk, and thought nothing of it. Then around 10 am her dogs started barking, she approached the bucket to find the 3 kittens.

I immediately rang the vet to see if they could be examined and treated. As the small facility we have for abandoned, sick kittens was full, my colleague offered to take them so we set up a large dog cage with food, water, bedding and litter tray. They were homed, two together and the other separately 3 weeks later.
One morning I was going to sort out the kittens in the Pens when I noticed a card board box with holes in it and taped up by the gates of our drive. I gingerly approached the box, not sure what I was going to find inside. I picked up the box and placed it on a table and carefully undid the tape to find inside two tiny kittens approximately 6 weeks old. It was a Bank Holiday and so I rang the vet to see if they would examine the kittens. On examination one was very very sick with the flu virus, the vet gave it an antibiotic injection and an Interferon injection and said if it was still alive in two days time to return for another injection. The other one had a broken leg. As it was so young there was no treatment as it would heal itself. It was healthy otherwise. I managed to rear both of them and they were homed together 2 weeks later.
The next incident was when someone had 'stolen' a kitten from a family who had a child who thought it was funny to throw the kitten into the swimming pool, jump in and hold the kitten under water to see if it could swim!! Apparently it had already drowned the family puppy doing the same thing!. They were reported to the Government vet who paid them a visit. The kitten was rescued, bought to PARC who managed to home it 2 weeks later.
Some tourists from New York were here on holiday, when one evening they saw a tiny 5-6 week old kitten in the middle of the road next to it's mother who had been run over. They stopped the car and got out  to hear two Cypriot men talking and suggesting they also run the kitten over to put it out of it's misery!

They took the kitten home and weaned it onto solid food and rang me to take it. I am now awaiting instruction to arrange for the kitten to be exported to New York!

The next incidents are rather disturbing:
I received a phone call from a man who lives about 2-3 metres from one of our feeding stations in upper Peyia. He had rang me to say that what he had just seen he could not believe with his own eyes. A pickup had pulled up and out of it climbed a man of the cloth carrying a shopping bag. He approached the feeding station and emptied something out of his bag, hastily got in his pickup and drove off! He went to investigate and saw a kitten approximately 8 weeks old trying to clamber up the bank, but he was unable to pick it up.He rang to inform me of what he had seen, so I rang one of our volunteers to go and investigate. She did and found the kitten sitting on top of the embankment very frightened. She picked it up and rang me to say the kitten had very sticky eyes, so I asked her to take it to the vet and get it treated then bring it to me to put in the Pens. She did this and when she brought it to me she said it was blind! This was due to non treatment of the strain of flu virus which affects the eyes.After lots of TLC a home was found for her in Scotland!

( Do you remember Akti the dark tabby cat article ' I'm looking for someone to take care of me' Cyprus Living June 2014? Well she went to Scotland with the kitten! )
Five weeks later, at the same feeding station another kitten was 'dumped' and yes you guessed it, it was also blind! It was the same age as the previous one so was highly likely it was her sister, both having the consequences of the flu virus.
As you have read this article, all kittens have had a happy ending to their experiences except one. That is the second blind kitten. She, a beautiful tortoishell, is looking for a forever home. She is fully vaccinated and is now approximately four months old. She needs a danger free home where someone will look after her and her special needs, she is so friendly and absolutely adorable. If you feel you can give her a loving home please contact me on 99059068. We also have other kittens looking for a forever home.
Pam Bridge


10 November, 2014

Our Coming Sale ..........

30 October, 2014

Young female cat needs urgent home

The little cat has appeared at a house in Pano Akourdelia and the house owners are due to leave Cyprus at the end of next week.
They are worried that the cat is simply lost as she is very friendly and wants to be inside the house.

If anyone knows this cat please contact Lyn on 99768382

If noone claims her she will be desperate for a foster or forever home so that she is not left all alone after next week.  If you can help please contact Lyn

28 October, 2014

Has Someone Lost This Beautiful Cat ...??

The lovely friendly cat has turned up in the Zalakion area of Peyia and must belong to someone.   She has a shorter tail due to an earlier accident but it was some time ago as it is not a recent injury

If this is your cat please contact us and we will put you in touch with the person who found her