03 October, 2014

Come Along For A Fun Evening

17 September, 2014

Some Good News, Some Bad News

A few weeks ago one of our daily cat feeders saw a certain man (who wears black robes if that gives you a clue) drive up to the feeding station and deposit a small kitten there and then get back in his car and drive away.

It turned out that this kitten, although beautifully clean and otherwise healthy, was in fact blind due to a virus that had remained untreated so that it ended up causing lacerat...ions to the eyeball.
So, we were now caring for a blind kitten that had maybe a 1% chance of ever finding a home given the situation here at the moment.

By a small miracle Pam bumped into a lady called Karen who was on holiday here. Karen had previously adopted another blind cat from PARC, which is now living with her in UK so it appears that fate was shining that day because Karen is now looking at flights to take the little one back to UK.


Today, guess what? Our feeders have found another little blind kitten at the same feeding station !!!! It is the same age as the first one, is clean and otherwise healthy - ie just the same as the first one so are we being cynical by thinking it is also from the same litter and was put there by the same person ....... ????

We will of course try very hard to find this little one a home but it's chances really are not good. On days like this it is very hard ....    

If you or anyone you know would be interested in offering a home to this kitten please contact us.

15 September, 2014

11 September, 2014


With the current appalling situation regarding stray, abandoned and unwanted animals and a serious lack of volunteers we are finding ourselves completely overwhelmed with the number of calls for help and are spending far too much precious time explaining what we can and can’t do to help.  We are hoping that the following will be of help in clarifying our roles :

PARC is not a shelter – so we DO NOT and CANNOT Pick UP, Collect or Take In any stray animals

PARC has determined that its roles and priorities in the Peyia and Coral Bay area are:

  • The Feral Trap, Neuter & Release programme
  • The Feral Cat feeding programme will be maintained but we cannot take on any new groups at the current time
  • Maintaining the pens for sick or abandoned kittens, with there being a maximum of 6 kittens housed there at any one time
  • Provide access to emergency vet treatment for any sick or injured homeless animal in the Peyia and Coral Bay area but the responsibility for caring for the animal stays with person reporting it where it  is unable to be returned to where it was found

In addition, PARC is prepared to assist INDIVIDUALS in rehoming unwanted cats and dogs, or small puppies and kittens by including them on our Website  BUT ONLY with the following proviso’s

PARC cannot take any responsibility whatsoever for the animal, the information about it nor for anything that may happen after the animal is rehomed

PARC will have no involvement with animals that are found as strays with no knowledge of their history, health, nature or background.

PARC will have no involvement with animals being kept in any Municipality Pound as these animals fall under the existing dog laws and we have no authority to interfere with this process.

PARC will have no involvement with animals being cared for by any other animal welfare charities or non-profitmaking organisations

Animals will be displayed on our Website and/or on posters for a maximum period of  2 months after which they will be removed unless the person caring for them approaches us with new photos and a request to keep on the site for a further period. 

06 September, 2014

31 August, 2014

Coming Soon !

30 August, 2014

Our Next Quiz .......

23 August, 2014

A Lost Dog and a Lost Cat !!

This little dog got out of his garden yesterday and has not come back yet ..... PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR HIM - HIS OWNER IS OFFERING A REWARD TO ANYONE WHO FINDS HIM FOR HER

His name is Duc and he has a microchip and a collar with a tag and phone number. He was a rescue dog and is shy so may not approach people but please contact Popi on 99128703 if you think you see him. His home is in the road that leads up from the Petrolina petrol station on the main Coral Bay to Agios Georgios road but he could have wandered from this area

This lovely neutered ginger tom cat has gone missing from his new home in Kissonerga - behind the school and near to the cemetery and old people's home.  He has only been there for a few days and was previously in a foster home in Sea Caves so he may be trying to find his way back.

Please look out for him anywhere in the Kissonerga, Chloraka, Banana Bay, Coral Bay and Sea Caves area and contact Pam on 99059068 if you think you see him.

20 August, 2014

This is Tuppence

Tuppence arrived like a small, furry Aphrodite five weeks ago.  She was only five weeks old.  She’s become the highlight of our holiday – sweet and bright and funny and brave.  I’m heartbroken that I can’t take her home, but I have two old cats waiting for me who would not welcome the competition.  I need to find her a home by 5th September when I go home.  If you’re lucky enough to be her new owner, she’ll give you a lifetime of joy.  Thank you, Lucy and Joe x

Please email Lucy on lucy.garrad@btinternet.com if you would like to offer Tuppence a home

12 August, 2014

08 August, 2014

Male Puppy needs a home Urgently

Can anyone help - even if only a foster home until a forever home can be found .......  

Young male puppy - Guess 4 months old . lovely temperament gets on well with my 2 dogs. Likes people doesn't seen to have been abused just abandoned
Desperately needs a home as we are away on holiday next week for 3 weeks.
Any help you can provide would be gratefully appreciated, Thanks, Mike 99808885

07 August, 2014


This sweet adult female cat needs a home desperately ...

She was attacked by a fox or a dog and is now well but it has made her very timid.  She is fully vaccinated and spayed.   She is friendly and will come out to see you for a fuss but she has lost her confidence and retreats to her box unless you continue to make a fuss of her. 

We are so worried about her as this is no life for a cat and we hope that someone out there will be able to offer her a chance.  She would ideally suit an older person who has the time to help her regain her confidence without there being too much going on in the household, at least to begin with.

We would be willing to get her pet passport so that she could be rehomed anywhere ...   Please contact Pam on 99059068 if you want any more information about her.

21 July, 2014



He is a handsome boy and is a smaller dog than he looks in the photo and will not get any bigger. He was found in Emba on Thursday evening. A friendly little dog about 18 months old, that loves to have a fuss made of him and gets on well with other dogs. If you can offer to foster him or can offer him a permanent home please contact Catherine on 96436232

Actual measurements are 42 cms (16.5 inches) to his shoulder and only 41cms (16 inches) from chest to base of tail